Technical Data

  • Type
  • Beam Color
  • Accuracy
    ±0.1 mm/m (±0.0001 in/in)
  • Self-leveling
  • Laser Range w/o Detector
    50 m (165 ft)
  • Laser Range With Detector
    300 m (980 ft)
  • Includes
    Remote control | Laser Detector | Beamfinder® glasses | Rechargeable batteries | 2 Battery brackets for regular & rechargeable batteries | Shockproof protective case
  • \\Description

    Kapro 8991G PROLASER® ELECTROTA® GREEN stands firm on construction sites with powerful precision. Level up to an astounding operational diameter of 300 m (980 ft) with an accuracy of ±0.1 mm/m (±0.0001 in/in). It ensures a remarkable reduction in errors and inaccuracies, even across great distances. Furthermore, the independent detector extends the remote measurement tracking range.

    The Kapro 8991G PROLASER® ELECTROTA® GREEN boasts five customizable rotation speeds and six scan modes, allowing for a versatile array of applications. Its ability to tilt up to 5° in both the X and Y planes makes it perfectly suited for sloping and gradation. Additionally, the unique side-thread feature allows the Kapro 8991G PROLASER® ELECTROTA® GREEN to function as a vertical laser level.

    Notably, the Kapro 8991G PROLASER® ELECTROTA® GREEN’s green lasers offer 8X greater visibility than traditional red lasers.

    Constructed with robust materials, the laser remains well-protected by a tough glass cover, and durable handles. Moreover, it boasts an IP65 rating, guaranteeing waterproof and dust-proof resilience. Level confidently with a limited 2-year warranty.

    Accompanying Kapro 8991G PROLASER® ELECTROTA® GREEN are essential accessories, including a remote control, a laser detector, BeamFinder® glasses, rechargeable batteries, two battery brackets for both regular and rechargeable batteries, and a shockproof protective case. With this comprehensive set of tools at your disposal, this laser level is impeccably equipped to tackle even the most demanding tasks.


    8991G PROLASER

    Durable Handles

    For added grip + protection.

    Five Variable Speeds

    Select between 0, 60,120, 300, and 600 rpm.
    8991G PROLASER

    Rubberized Overlay

    For added protection.

    5/8″ UNC

    For easy tripod mounting.


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