Plumb Site® Dual-View™ Vials

A New Way to Plumb

Plumb Site® Dual View™ is a revolutionary advancement in vertical vial technology. Unlike traditional vials, our innovative design offers a distinctive front view of the vial through a precise one-to-one reflection. With this cutting-edge feature, you gain an unobstructed field of vision, eliminating parallax errors and minimizing strain on your neck and back.


See the Difference

The Optivision® vial technology was designed to enhance measuring accuracy with unparalleled visibility. These vials feature highly visible red bubble edges, allowing for precise placement between the reading lines and ensuring optimal vision even in bright or low light conditions. But it doesn't stop at the color alone. The tilted angle of the vial provides a direct line of sight to the bubble, eliminating distortions and guaranteeing accurate readings. The high contrast ratio between the bubble and vial liquid further contributes to faster measurements and superior precision.

Adjustable Laser Legs

Simple but Smart

The unique folding laser legs by Kapro makes it easier to adjust the laser level to different angle. A built-in clicking system allows for seamless tweaking of leg position in order to achieve the desired angle for the laser. In addition, when folded, these legs form a protective cage around the laser level, ensuring added safety.

Retractable Ledge

Small Feature, Big Difference

A retractable ledge support system that allows for effortless and hands-free operation. This innovative feature enhances usability, providing seamless and efficient measuring experience, by eliminating the hassle of constantly holding the square in place.