Technical Data

  • Type
  • Beam Color
  • Accuracy
    ±0.1 mm/m (±0.0001 in/in)
  • Self-leveling
  • Laser Range w/o Detector
    50 m (165 ft)
  • Laser Range With Detector
    300 m (980 ft)
  • Includes
    Remote control | Laser Detector | Beamfinder® glasses | Rechargeable batteries | 2 Battery brackets for regular & rechargeable batteries | Shockproof protective case
  • \\Description

    Experience the pinnacle of precision with the Kapro 8991 PROLASER® ELECTROTA® —a professional rotary laser engineered to conquer even the most demanding construction projects. This laser level offers exceptional accuracy, with an astonishing ±0.1 mm/m (±0.0001 in/in) precision, extending to vast distances of up to 300 m (980 ft).

    Versatility is the hallmark of the Kapro 8991 PROLASER® ELECTROTA® , offering five customizable rotation speeds and six scan modes, effortlessly adapting to diverse applications. With incline settings of up to ±5° in both the X and Y planes, it’s the ideal companion for tackling slopes and gradients. Moreover, its innovative side-thread feature equips it with the capabilities of a vertical laser level.

    The Kapro 8991 PROLASER® ELECTROTA®  boasts an array of advanced features, including six scan modes that create visible laser lines for various applications, along with visual and audible “out of leveling range” warnings.

    Built with the rugged demands of construction sites in mind, this laser level is ultra-durable and carries an IP65 rating, rendering it impervious to water and dust. Laser level with utmost confidence, backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

    To enhance your laser leveling experience, the Kapro 8991 PROLASER® ELECTROTA®  comes complete with a comprehensive set of indispensable accessories. These include a remote control, a laser detector, BeamFinder® glasses, rechargeable batteries, two battery brackets accommodating both regular and rechargeable batteries, and an invulnerable, shockproof protective case. Armed with this formidable arsenal of tools, this laser level emerges as an unrivaled force, primed to conquer even the most daunting challenges.

    Don’t compromise on precision and durability—choose the Kapro 8991 PROLASER® ELECTROTA®  for unparalleled laser leveling excellence. Elevate your construction projects with confidence and ease.

    Kapro 8991 PROLASER® ELECTROTA® is available in a green beam version (Kapro 8991G PROLASER® ELECTROTA® ).




    Durable Handles

    For added grip + protection.

    5 customizable rotation speeds

    Select between 0 (stationary point), 60,120, 300, 600 rpm

    Tripod ready: 5/8" thread

    For easy tripod mounting.

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