Technical Data

  • Type
  • Beam Color
  • Range w/o Detector
    Up to 6 m (20 ft)
  • Includes
    1 each 36" Aluminum Ruler | 2 each Sliders with Vials | 1 each Laser Dot Pointer
  • \\Description

    The Kapro 814 PROLASER® SET-A-SHELF™ offers a powerful combination of features. The set includes Kapro 314 SET & MATCH® SYSTEM & Kapro 816 LINE LASER & STUD FINDER (Option: purchase separately). This base system provides the foundation for your DIY projects, and the Kapro 814 LINE LASER & STUD FINDER SET adds even more functionality.

    The Kapro 314 SET & MATCH® SYSTEM starts with a precision ruler crafted from a durable aluminum straightedge with printed markings for lasting accuracy on the job. An anti-slip grip keeps the ruler securely in place while you work. The beauty of the 314 SET & MATCH® SYSTEM is its expandability. It’s designed to be customized with practical accessories (sold separately) to tackle a wide range of projects, including a sliding knife guide for safe and accurate cutting and sliding markers for convenient marking.

    Kapro 814 PROLASER® SET-A-SHELF™ combines the Kapro 816 LINE LASER & STUD FINDER, offering both precision leveling and hidden stud detection. Its highly visible laser provides you guidance up to 6 meters (20 feet), horizontally, vertically, and at 45°. Best of all, the integrated magnetic stud finder makes home improvement a breeze.

    While the Kapro 314 SET & MATCH® SYSTEM (sold separately) offers a great foundation for your DIY arsenal, Kapro 814 LINE LASER & STUD FINDER SET stands out as a powerful and versatile tool on its own. Take your projects to the next level with the precision and accuracy the 814 PROLASER® SET-A-SHELF™ provides.

    All other Kapro’s 314 Set&Match accessories sold separately.

    *2 AAA Batteries not included

    Kapro 816 LINE LASER & STUD FINDER Laser is available in a set version (Kapro 816+509 DIY SET).



    Sliding Vials

    Measure, mark, and level with convenient sliding vial markers

    Doubles as Stud Finder

    Magnetically located metals studs