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    Kapro 449 PROTRACTOR SQUARE – a versatile measuring tool designed for precision and convenience. Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, this protractor square combines innovation and durability to elevate your projects.

    With permanent laser etched markings and easy-to-read numbers that won’t fade or wear, you can trust in its accuracy over time. The molded-in conversion tables provide quick access to essential calculations, making your work more efficient. The built-in angle finder simplifies angle measurements, and the 0˚- 90˚ protractor scale ensures easy angle verification.

    Crafted from solid aluminum, the Kapro 449 PROTRACTOR SQUARE is built to withstand heavy use and deliver reliable results. Available in a 7″ size, it’s compact yet versatile, ready to tackle a wide range of measuring and angle-finding tasks.

    Incorporate the Kapro 449 PROTRACTOR SQUARE into your toolkit and experience the difference that permanent laser etched markings, easy-to-read numbers, molded-in conversion tables, and a solid aluminum body can make in your projects. Trust Kapro for all your measuring and layout needs, and elevate your work with ease and accuracy.




    Built-in Angle Finder

    For a wide range of measuring.

    Molded-In Conversion Tables

    For accurate measurements.

    Permanent Laser Etched Markings

    To maintain accuracy.