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    Kapro 477 MASON SQUARE – Meet Kapro’s newest innovation. We’ve taken our popular anodized rafter square and tripled its measuring capabilities with 3 masonry specific scales, including:

    Standard masonry rule – standard spacing
    Modular masonry rule – layout of commercial masonry
    Oversized masonry rule – oversized spacing

    The Kapro 477 MASON SQUARE is ideal for beginning laying out at the base of the wall and tough to reach locations. Keep handy residential and commercial masonry formulas at your fingertips with conversion charts on both sides of the square.

    This 8″ anodized aluminum tool has scribe indicators at ¼” increments, a pivot point to layout rake (angles), and a 90° layout for hypotenuse for finding plumb easily. In addition, its size is ideal for marking CMU and all masonry cuts. That means you can use to cut on full 8” masonry blocks.

    The Kapro 477 MASON SQUARE’s unique size and layout allow masonry professionals to read the markings in tight spaces, and its anodized profile resists wear and corrosion caused by dirt and mud like standard rulers.



    Anodized Aluminum Body

    Resists wear and corrosion.

    3 Brick Spacing Rules

    For setting course for various sized bricks.

    Conversion Tables

    For quick reference.

    Standard 8" Ruler

    For easy measurement and board marking.

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