Technical Data

  • Detection
  • Accuracy
    ±2°C / ±2%
  • Temp. Measurement Range
    - 20°C to 450°C (-4°F to 842°F)
  • Units
    °C | °F
  • Sensitivity
  • Visible Resolution
  • \\Description

    Kapro 399 THERMO-VISION™ – A cutting-edge, thermal imaging camera that provides temperature measurements in real time. The Kapro 399 THERMO-VISION™ boasts a visible image resolution of 0.3 MP and represents temperature distribution as a visible image, making it ideal for professionals across various industries.

    With a temperature measurement range of -20˚C to 450˚C (-4˚F to 842˚F), this thermal imaging camera delivers precise temperature readings with unmatched precision. Users can select from up to five different color palettes, each representing a gradient of colors, to provide enhanced visibility and clarity.

    Additionally, the Kapro 399 THERMO-VISION™ features switchable highest and lowest temperature cursors, enabling users to identify temperature hotspots and anomalies with ease. The built-in rechargeable 18650 lithium batteries ensure that the device is always ready for use, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity.


    Selectable Color Palettes

    Choose from 5 options of gradient colors.

    Temperature Range

    Measures temperatures from -41° F to 842° F (-20° C to 450° C).