Technical Data

  • Type
  • Available Length
    60 cm (24″) | 120 cm (48″)
  • Units
    cm | inch
  • Printed Scale Accuracy
  • \\Description

    The Kapro 308 Straight Edge: Precision Made for Every Project.
    For professionals and DIYers alike, achieving accurate measurements is the cornerstone of any successful project. Enter the Kapro 308 Straight Edge, a ruler designed to elevate your measuring game. This versatile tool transcends the limitations of conventional rulers, offering unparalleled precision and functionality.

    The Kapro 308 boasts a generously wide, 2-inch anodized aluminum blade. This robust design ensures exceptional rigidity and eliminates the flex often seen in thinner rulers. The edge itself is meticulously CNC-machined, guaranteeing a perfectly straight and flat surface. This translates to reliable measurements, regardless of the project’s scale or complexity.

    Versatility is another hallmark of the Kapro 308. It comes in a variety of lengths, catering to diverse applications. Whether you’re meticulously laying out intricate trim work or ensuring straight cuts on large sheets of material, there’s a Kapro 308 perfectly suited for the task.

    For enhanced convenience, the Kapro 308 features two strategically placed hang holes on each end. This allows for effortless storage, keeping your ruler organized and readily accessible on the job site or in your workshop. The lightweight construction, achieved through the use of premium aluminum, further enhances portability and user comfort. The Kapro 308 feels balanced and easy to handle, even during extended use.

    Beyond its core functionality, the Kapro 308 is built to withstand the rigors of various environments. The anodized aluminum construction is inherently corrosion-resistant, making it impervious to rust, even in damp or humid conditions. This ensures long-lasting performance and a reliable measuring tool for years to come.

    In essence, the Kapro 308 Straight Edge represents a perfect combination of precision, versatility, and durability. It’s an invaluable addition to any toolbox, empowering users to achieve accurate and efficient measurements on every project. Invest in the Kapro 308 and experience the confidence that comes with knowing your measurements are always on point.


    Kapro 308 STRAIGHT EDGE

    Anodized Aluminum

    For wear and corrosion resistance.
    Kapro 308 STRAIGHT EDGE

    Permanently Etched

    For long-lasting visibility.
    Kapro 308 STRAIGHT EDGE

    Hang Hole

    For easy storage.