Technical Data

  • Type
  • Available Length
    20 cm (8″) | 30 cm (12″) | 40 cm (16″) | 50 cm (20″) | 60 cm (24″) | 80 cm (32″) | 100 cm (40″) | 120 cm (48″)
  • Units
    INCH | CM
  • Printed Scale Accuracy
  • \\Description

    Kapro 306 RULER – Crafted with high-quality aluminum, this tool is built to last and withstand even the toughest job sites. Its precision-milled edge is reliable and straight for accurate measuring. This versatile tool is available in a varied range of lengths, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Its wear-resistant, UV cured screen printing ensures long-lasting visibility. Its ribbed back design provides stability, while two hang holes on each end allow for easy storage and transport. Weighing in at just the right amount, the Kapro 306 RULER is lightweight and easy to handle, making it the ideal choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Not only is it durable and easy to use, but it’s also rust-resistant. Whether you’re measuring, cutting, or leveling surfaces, the Kapro 306 RULER is the perfect tool for the job.



    Anodized Aluminum

    For wear and corrosion resistance.

    Permanently Etched

    For long-lasting visibility.

    Optional Versions

    Marked in inches and centimeters.