Technical Data

  • Type
  • Available Lengths
    60cm (24″) | 80cm (32″) | 90cm (36″) | 100cm (40″) | 120cm (48″) | 150cm (60″) | 180cm (72″) | 200cm (78″)
  • Accuracy
    ±0.5 mm/m (±0.0005 in/in)
  • \\Description

    Kapro 175 MAXPRO™ is a reliable I-beam for professionals and DIYers alike. The Kapro 175 MAXPRO™ features 3 cylindrical vials, including a horizontal vial with a convenient window for top-down viewing, 1 vertical vial, and 1 vial at 45°. This advanced vial system allows for precise and accurate measurements, ensuring that your work is always on point.

    Kapro 175 MAXPRO™ level’s V-groove base provides stability and support, while the heavy-duty aluminum frame is built to last. The ABS handle and shock-absorbing rubber end caps make the level easy and comfortable to use, even in the most demanding environments. With an accuracy of ±0.5 mm/m (±0.0005 in/in), the Kapro 175 MAXPRO™ level delivers precise readings every time. The top window allows for a top-down view of the horizontal vial, making it even easier to read your measurements accurately.

    Overall, the Kapro 175 MAXPRO™ is the perfect tool for anyone who needs a reliable and accurate level.

    Kapro 175 MAXPRO™ Level is also available in a magnetic version and silver color (Kapro 176 MAXPRO™ level).


    End Cap

    Shockproof End Caps

    Protecting the level by absorbing the impact caused by a fall

    45° Vial

    For easy reading of the needed leveling angle

    ABS Handle

    Rubberized handle for a comfortable & sure grip