Technical Data

  • Type
  • Available Lengths
    25 cm (10″)
  • Accuracy
    ±0.5 mm/m (±0.0005 in/in)
  • \\Description

    Kapro 923 CAST TORPEDO LEVEL is made for heavy-duty applications. The Kapro 923 CAST TORPEDO LEVEL  is equipped with break-proof epoxy-locked acrylic vials that provide unparalleled accuracy. It also features the innovative Plumb Site® Dual View technology, which eliminates the need to twist or bend your neck for side viewing, making your work faster and more precise.

    The milled surface of the level and the inclusion of rare earth magnets ensure stable and secure positioning. Kapro 923 CAST TORPEDO LEVEL  has been certified by VPA Germany and offers a vial accuracy of ±0.5mm/m (±0.0005 in/in). With three vials – Plumb Site® Dual View™ vial, epoxy-locked horizontal vial, and a 45° angle vial – all hand calibrated, you can trust in its reliable performance.

    Kapro 923 CAST TORPEDO LEVEL comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can be confident in its longevity and durability for years to come.



    Plumb Site® Dual-View™

    A unique front view of the vertical vial through a unique reflection system


    Allows for easy placement onto pipes or posts

    Magnetic Milled Surface

    For easy attachment to metallic surfaces.