Technical Data

  • Type
  • Accuracy
    1.6 mm / 30 m
  • Range
    Up to 120 m (394 ft)
  • Includes
    Carrying case | Allen key | Tuning pin | Conical hook
  • \\Description

    Kapro 830 AUTOMATIC OPTICAL LEVEL – An essential precision instrument tailored for professionals in the construction industry. It’s remarkable x32 telescopic zoom sets the standard for unrivaled accuracy and precision, elevating your craftsmanship to new heights.

    With a vast working range extending up to 120 m (394 ft) and an astonishing accuracy of 1.6 mm/30 m, the Kapro 830 AUTOMATIC OPTICAL LEVEL stands poised to tackle an array of leveling tasks, encompassing land surveying, building foundations, and road construction.

    This optical marvel boasts a 360° adjustable rotation feature, empowering it to embrace any orientation, a testament to its versatility. The built-in lock safeguards the 830 during transportation and storage.

    The Kapro 830 AUTOMATIC OPTICAL LEVEL is tripod-ready with a 5/8″ tripod thread for seamless setup. Moreover, it comes bundled with an array of accessories, including an optical level, plumb bob, allen key, directional pin, and a durable hard case, ensuring that you are fully equipped to achieve perfection in every endeavor.



    x32 telescopic zoom

    For professional precision.

    Zoom adjustment knob

    Rotate along a precision angle scale.
    830-bull eye copy

    Bull's eye surface level

    For accurate leveling