Technical Data

  • Type
  • Available Lengths
    30cm (12″) | 60cm (24″) | 80cm (32″) | 90cm (36″) | 100cm (40″) | 120cm (48″) | 180cm (72″)
  • Accuracy
    ±0.5mm/m (±0.0005 in/in)
  • \\Description

    Kapro 770 EXODUS™, a revolutionary professional box level designed to redefine versatility and efficiency in your toolkit. This exceptional spirit level is not just one tool; it’s three tools in one, offering unmatched functionality that simplifies your leveling, measuring, marking, and cutting tasks.

    The Kapro 770 EXODUS™ features three solid acrylic shock-proof vials, ensuring precise measurements in every direction. Whether you’re working on carpentry, drywall, or intricate finishing and design projects, this level is your ultimate companion for ease and efficiency.

    What truly sets the Kapro 770 EXODUS™ apart is its innovative wall grip feature. Designed for easy, single-handed use, this feature ensures that you can tackle your projects with precision and comfort. No more juggling multiple tools; the Kapro 770 EXODUS™ streamlines your work, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

    With three extremely accurate vials set at horizontal, plumb, and 45° angles, this spirit level guarantees accuracy that meets the highest standards. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty for accuracy, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.

    Incorporate the Kapro 770 EXODUS™ into your collection of measuring tools and layout and precision levels to experience the difference that innovation, precision, and versatility can bring to your home improvement projects. Trust Kapro for all your spirit tools and measuring & layout tools needs, and elevate your work with confidence and accuracy. The Kapro 770 EXODUS™ is more than just a spirit level; it’s a game-changing tool that empowers you to tackle your projects with ease and efficiency, revolutionizing your DIY and professional endeavors.

    Kapro 770 EXODUS™ level is also available in a magnetic version (770M EXODUS™ level).


    rubber end caps

    Shockproof End Caps

    Protecting the level by absorbing the impact caused by a fall

    Milled Surface

    Providing additional accuracy of the spirit level

    45° Vial

    For easy reading of the needed leveling angle
    770M Exodus

    Straight Edge Ruler

    Integrated ruler doubles as a straight edge


    For easy attachment to metallic surfaces