Technical Data

  • Type
  • Accuracy
    ±0.1 mm/m (±0.0001 in/in)
  • Available Lengths
    25 cm (10″)
  • \\Description

    Kapro 229 TOPCLASS™ is a compact and versatile toolbox level suitable for home owners and DIY enthusiasts. The Kapro 229 TOPCLASS™ level is designed to fit seamlessly into toolboxes, making it a convenient addition to any workshop. The Kapro 229 TOPCLASS™ features three easy-to-read, cylindrical vials. The Kapro 229 TOPCLASS™’s magnetic v-groove base easily clings to pipes and conduits, providing a secure grip. The Kapro 229 TOPCLASS™’s compact size of 25 cm (10”) and vivid vials provides the user with quality work for any simple leveling jobs around the home or office environment.




    Allows for easy placement onto pipes or posts.

    45° Vial

    For easy reading of the needed leveling angle.