Technical Data

  • Type
  • Chalk capacity
    85g (3 oz)
  • Available Line lengths
    30 m (100 ft)
  • \\Description

    Kapro 211 PLUMB BOB CHALK LINE, the ultimate solution for precise and efficient marking on any job site. This classically designed chalk line is housed in a durable Easy Grip™ Chalk box, ensuring maximum protection against wear and tear.

    Featuring a break-resistant and powder absorbent chalk line string, the Kapro 211 PLUMB BOB CHALK LINE allows you to make accurate marks quickly and easily. It’s all-in-one end hook is designed to tack into drywall and hold onto nails and ledges for easy storage and transport.

    With its easy refill mechanism, the Kapro 211 PLUMB BOB CHALK LINE ensures a clean chalk refill every time. Its compact and ergonomic design, versatile hook docking point, and durable Easy Grip™ case make it the perfect tool for any project.

    Discover the benefits of the Kapro 211 PLUMB BOB CHALK LINE’s plumb bob design and versatile hook, and take your marking game to the next level. Its clean chalk refill mechanism and convenient hook docking feature make it a hassle-free tool for your toolbox.

    Kapro 211 PLUMB BOB CHALK LINE is also available in set (211S PLUMB BOB CHALK LINE SET).