Summer 2018

Annabelle’s Marketing Memos

Many tool companies abound but only a few specialize in one area. Kapro specializes in measuring, layout and marking tools.  All our resources are geared and focused in making these tools at the highest standards and with the latest innovations. The latest newcomers on the scene are the perfect embodiment of these values:
The 353 Ledge-it Square with the retractable metal ledge support, is not only precise and practical, it incorporates additional advantages in the form of etchings and holes for beveling, framing and fluid pencil marking.

The 870G VHX Prolaser® VIP is also a perfect example of tools incorporating the latest innovations. It is a self-leveling green laser with IP65(Water and Dust proof), highly visible accurate and very durable.

At Kapro we believe in excellence, innovation and quality which we strive to deliver with every tool.

We offer measuring tools for every profession.  Does your range of Kapro products include them? Would you like to know more? Let us know and our sales team will be in touch with you.

We will be at the Shanghai Fair during the 8th-10th of October, at the 8 K055 booth and during the month of November you can find us at the Mitex Exposition in Russia.
Hope to see you there!
Annabelle Evenhaime
VP Sales & Marketing


For every trade there is a specially conceived measuring tool


773 Drywall Level 90cm (36″)

The 773 is the only level that incorporates the specific drywallers needs: magnetic stud slots at standard stud layout intervals, horizontal and Plumb site® dual view™ ( for vertical measurement) solid acrylic vials with Kapro’s unyielding high standards. The Kapro 773 Drywall level makes drywalling easier and faster.

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883G Prolaser® 3D All-Lines

The 883G Prolaser® 3D All-lines offers three 360⁰ beams which are especially helpful for setting up drywall installation layouts. The green beam is highly visible both indoors (20m range) and outdoors (up to 70m range with detector) and it includes a Multi-purpose magnetic mount which offers many hanging possibilities.

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Finally, a Square with all the amenities: a stabilizing retractable ledge, holes every cm for fluid pencil marking and at multiple angles for quick and easy marking. The aluminum cast handle with the stainless-steel ruler are ideal for tough environments.

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The 985D Digiman™ is a great combination of classic and modern technology. With the best in acrylic vials available and the Plumb Site® Dual-View™ technology together with digital accuracy, 180° readout on a 45° tilted LCD display with back-light, It’s just not a competition! The 985D, a professional magnetic digital level is a  huge advantage when building stairs, wooden ceilings, decks or installing kitchens.

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926 Pipemaster 16cm (6.5″)

The magnetic torpedo level was conceived with plumbers in mind: with 4 different measuring vials, a thumb screw to lock the level on the pipe, milled surface, v-groove, rare earth magnets, 30° and 45° bevel offset edge and all in a solid aluminum billet.

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108 Plumbing Installation Level 70cm (27.5″)

The 108 sturdy frame with top of the line solid acrylic vials and 5 different markers designed into the level’s profile at standard sink installation points: for sink attachment to wall, faucet placement and below the sink water pipes helps you get the job done better and faster.

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875S Prolaser® Layout Set

The 875S set is undoubtedly one of the more sought after lasers, with 6 laser beams including 1 horizontal, 4 vertical with 90° intersection on the ceiling and 1 plumb dot, there isn’t much you can’t mark. The fine adjustment knob can help you get your beams just right. With an indoor laser range of 30m (100′) and outdoor range of 50m (165’) with a laser detector, you can work indoor and outdoor! But it has even more to offer than these features.

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930 SmartCast

This heavy-duty cast aluminum body with bridge at the horizontal vial for increased strength also benefits of the latest Optivision® Red technology with 1 tilted OPTIVISION® Red horizontal vial with gradient lines up to 2% and 1 Vertical with OPTIVISION® RedEffect™

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873GS Prolaser® Vector

The 873G Set includes the 3 green beam laser and the 3.2 meter pole-tripod.allowing the electrician to align outlets, sockets,ceiling and wall lights as well as spots at the exact height.

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783 Electrician’s Level

A non-conductive level  with markers to perfectly position sockets and outlets

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870G VHX Prolaser® VIP

The water and dust proof (IP65) indoor/outdoor shielded cross line laser is a compact yet sturdy, reliable green laser with higher visibility and even higher endurance. The set comes with a universal wall mount that offers diverse hanging methods.

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905 Condor™

This professional box level with OPTIVISION® Red technology has 2 solid acrylic shockproof vials: 1 OPTIVISION® Red tilted horizontal vial with gradient lines of up to 2% and 1  Plumb Site® Dual-View™ vial with RedEffect™ for a clear plumb view. The 905 offers accuracy with reversibility: 0.5mm/m (0.0005 “/” ) and a bridge at the horizontal vial reinforcing the profile and offering a continuous marking edge.

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875GS Prolaser® Layout Set With Hard Case & Tripod

The 875GS Prolaser® Layout Set comes with a hard case and a tripod, everything a professional contractor might need: This set offers the latest green laser technology with all the extra features that add value: accuracy, long lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery, USB connection for battery charging, laser target, fine adjustment knob, Beamfinder™ glasses, a tripod and a sturdy hard carrying case.

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935 OPTIVISION® Red Torpedo 25cm (10″)

The 935 is a magnetic cast aluminum level with OPTIVISION® Red technology has 3 solid acrylic shockproof vials: 1 OPTIVISION® Red tilted horizontal vial with gradient lines of up to 2% , 1 vertical vial and a gradient markings angle transfer vial. The bridge at the horizontal vial reinforces the profile and offers a continuous marking edge. It’s not just strong, it’s hands down a smart tool with added value.

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862 Prolaser® Cross Line Laser

Perfect for tiling, laying cabinets, hanging curtains and all manner of decorative work, the 862 offers diverse hanging methods with rare earth magnets, v-groove, a strip slant, 1/4″ tripod thread and a hanging hole.
There just isn’t many surfaces to which the 862 can’t be attached.  It offers visible, reliable and accurate red laser beams to get any project done right.

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314-89 Set & Match®

Another Kapro popular creation, the 314- 89 Set & Match with handle and knife guide, the ultimate layout and marking tool. A sturdy, scaled ruler and straight edge featuring two vials on sliding markers for clear and accurate horizontal leveling and vertical plumb. Some extra features include a drill template for alignment of electrical outlets, functional sliding markers for measurement transfer as well as an abundance of available additions to the 314 Set & Match (T-square storage, laser line with stud finder…) Find out more, call us.

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These are just some examples of trade specification leveling tools

For additional information on Kapro’s professional measuring tools, including after sales service, please contact our sales team