Newsletter #20

May 2015

Annabelle’s Marketing Memos

The beginning of this year has been a busy time for Kapro with the introduction of new products and marketing tools.

In the levels range, we introduced several new innovative tools, including the 846 Cyclops Pocket Cast Level and the 773 Stud Layout Level. This issue of our Newsletter has feature articles with application Tool Tips showing how you can get fast and accurate results from these unique products.

We have continued to grow our laser range with the all-new 872 Prolaser Plus. Once you see what this uniquely designed laser has to offer I am sure you will agree that it will soon become one of our most popular designs. See the whole story about this new laser in this issue.

At Kapro we listen and understand what our customers need on the worksite and create innovative features to meet those needs. This means improving the quality of the work and getting it done faster and easier. This is the Kapro Advantage!

So, in order to help our partners in their marketing campaigns to let the people know what makes Kapro the best choice for the serious professional, we have produced a complete series of videos that highlight the Kapro Advantage.

Each video focuses on one of our products and highlights its innovative features and unique design. We are confident that these marketing videos will be very useful to our partners and help communicate the message that Kapro is the best and most innovative tool solution.

You can find the whole series of Features Videos on our YouTube channel at:  Kapro Tools

Also, make sure you see our daily postings on Kapro news, products and special offers at

In addition to the media marketing productions, we are also offering a line of branded displays, like the Optivision Red Family metal floor display in this issue, and other in-store promotional items to our partners. Let’s make sure that Kapro tools get the attention they deserve.

We hope that you find the information and news in this issue helpful and interesting. Be sure to contact us about any of the products, offers or anything else that we can help you with.

Kapro – Continuing to Work & Continuing to Innovate!

Announcing the New 872 Prolaser Plus…

Kapro has produced one of the most innovative laser tools available.

The all-new 872 Prolaser Plus is a free standing cross laser with powerful features for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

The 872 makes leveling and angular layout easier and more accurate than ever.

The 872 is designed with powerful laser beams that project two highly visible intersecting lines – horizontal and vertical – at a perfect 90° angle. It has a working indoor range of up to a 100ft (30 m) and an outdoor range of 165’ (50 m) with a detector.

The legs click to lock in place for perfect height adjustment and accurate positioning.

This creative feature makes the 872 amazingly versatile for a wide range of applications…


  • Aligning tiles and cabinets
  • Deck installation and exterior layout
  • Acoustic ceiling panel positioning
  • Electrical socket placement and fixture alignment
  • Banister and stair layout
  • And much more…

The 872 is built with a shock resistant rubber casing that will keep it safe on tough worksites and the adjustable legs serve as rugged bumpers around the lasers casing when folded close for additional protection.

The 872 has a tested accuracy of 0.0002”/” (0.2mm/m) so you can rely on it for accuracy even in big layout jobs.

The simple 3 button panel makes it extremely easy to operate and won’t slow you down reading user manuals.

The 872 can be used in self-leveling mode with a range of up to ±5° from level and has a visible and audible “out-of-level” warning.

In addition, you can use the 872 in TILT MODE which lets you disable the self-leveling mechanism and lock the laser in place for any angular layout and marking. Kapro has innovatively designed the 872 with strong adjustable legs for easy hands free mounting at any angle you need in TILT MODE.

The 872 is tripod ready with a ¼ adapter at its base and is available in a ready-to-use set with a professional tripod.

It’s compact size lets you easily store it in your toolbox and the 872 comes with a soft carry case with a belt loop so you can carry it with you.

Kapro’s all new 872 Prolaser Plus features:

  • 2 Powerful cross lasers at 90°
  • Extended out door range
  • Tilt Mode and Self-Leveling mode
  • Strong free standing legs
  • Tough shock resistant casing

All of this makes the all-new 872 Prolaser Plus one of the most convenient and versatile laser tools for professional results.

872 Product Page

Special Offer… A Tile Layout Set for the Professional Mason

Two powerful tools for masonry and tile work in 1 set!

Kapro is offering the all-new redesigned 891 Prolaser® Square and the top-selling 920 SHARK® together in one set.

Kapro’s 891 Prolaser® Laser Square makes floor and tile layout easy and accurate. No more smudged chalk lines to guide your tile setting or clumsy tape measurements to check your work. The 891 Prolaser® Laser Square gives you two bright laser lines projected perpendicularly at a precise 90º angle to follow from start to finish.

In addition, what makes the 891 stand from its competitors is that the laser lines not only cross the floor up to 100’ (30 m) but continue up the wall. This unique feature lets you align the floor layout with the natural contours and fixtures in the room.

The 920 Shark® is the ultimate mason’s level, with two shock absorbing strike pads, to absorb the impact of trowel blows. This patented Kapro innovation means that you never have to hit the level frame directly, and the striking pads will absorb the shock, so the level’s body won’t be compromised.

Constructed from heavy-duty cast aluminum, the 920 Shark® features Kapro’s Plumb Site® Dual-View™ vial for easy and accurate vertical leveling, solid acrylic vials, and a finely milled surface, so you know that the job will be exact.

Together these two innovative tools will help any mason get the job done faster, easier and more accurately.

891 Prolaser® Square

  • Projects 2 highly visible lines at 90º across the floor and up the walls
  • Laser range: 100′ (30m) with target
  • Laser accuracy: 0.0005 in/in (0.5mm/m)
  • Quick & easy one-button operation
  • 891 Product Page


920 SHARK®

  • Plumb Site® Dual-View™ vial
  • Milled surface
  • Shock absorbing rubber “anvils”
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum tapered (trapezoid) body
  • 920 Product Sheet

Accuracy and Added Value for Every Tiling Job!

Tools Tip Stud Layout – the Easy Way

Kapro has designed a level that holds the stud for you…

The 773 Stud Layout Level

1. Place the metal studs in the level’s magnetic stud slots.

The 773 has stud slots built into its reinforced aluminum profile at the standard stud layout spacing of 40cm and 60cm.

2. Move the studs into position.

The 773 is designed with powerful rare-earth magnets integrated into the stud slots for the strongest grip to metal studs. This allows you to not only set the level and work hands-free but move the studs when they are locked in the slots for easy alignment.

 3. Align the stud’s vertical position.

The 773 has rare-earth magnets built into its finely milled base so you can set the level vertically against the stud and have both hands free to position and fasten the stud in place.

The 773 features the patented Plumb Site® Dual View™ for a direct view of the vertical vial when doing plumb jobs. This means you never have to bend or strain to get a clear and accurate reading of the vial.

Stud layout has never been easier. No more tape measures and repeated placement markings. Just line up the slot and fasten your stud.

Kapro’s 773 Stud Layout Level features:

  • Aluminum box level profile with stud slots and markers at 40 and 60cm for standard stud layout
  • Stud slots with rare-earth magnets – insert and hold aluminum studs for quick and easy moving and setting
  • Find studs behind drywall sheets with layout markers on the level’s side
  • Epoxy locked, solid acrylic vials:
    • 1 Plumb Site® Dual-View™ vertical vial
    • 1 horizontal vial
  • Milled surface
  • Shockproof end caps
  • Accuracy: <0.0005 "/" (0.5mm/m)

Kapro – Making work easier through innovation!

Download Tool Tip here = 773 Stud Layout Level

Tools Tip – The Easy Way to Level Pipes

Kapro’s all new 846 Cyclops magnetic cast level is always with you on the worksite and easily fits on pipes for accurate horizontal and vertical leveling jobs.

 1. Place the 846 Cyclops on the pipe.

The 846 has 2 V-Grooves to insure the level is perfectly aligned with the pipe’s surface.

2. Move the pipe into the desired position.

Each V-Groove has integrated rare-earth magnets set flush with the level’s finely milled surfaces. This allows you to firmly set the level in place and use both hands to move the pipe into position.

3. Look through the Plumb Site® Dual View™ to plumb the pipe.

The 846 has one vial but with two V-Grooves and its small size it is ideal for both vertical and horizontal measuring even in hard to reach places.

Kapro’s patented Plumb Site® Dual View® feature gives you a direct line of sight to the level’s vial when measuring vertical surfaces.

The large clear vial makes horizontal leveling as easy as possible and the two magnetic V-grooves means that the level will stay in place in either position.

Kapro’s new and unique 846 Cyclops Pocket Cast Level is the handiest and most precise pocket level available and will make sure you get the job done quickly, easily and accurately.


  • One Plumb Site® Dual View™ vial
  • Two finely milled magnetic surfaces with V-grooves
  • Durable cast aluminum body
  • Accuracy: 0.0005″/” (0.5mm/m)
  • Fits in your pocket

The 846 is perfect for plumbing, framing, general construction, DIY and more. You will never be on the job without a precision leveling instrument again.

The 846 Cyclops – Precision in Your Pocket!

Download Tool Tip here = 846 Cyclops

The Complete Optivision Red Family in one eye-catching display!

Make sure customers see the Kapro Advantage…

…innovation and added value in every tool!

Kapro’s patented Optivision Red feature is one of the most revolutionary innovations in level design ever. The level of visibility provided by Optivision Red vial is unmatched by any of Kapro’s competitors. This unique vial saves valuable work time and increases precision. We have integrated this unique feature into 3 professional levels – the Optivision Red Family.

Now we have designed a custom display that makes this feature stand out.

Kapro’s custom Optivision Red Family display features:

  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Up-front and attractive presentation of the:
    • 905 Condor Box Level in 3 lengths up to 120cm – also with Rare-earth magnets
    • 930 Smartcast in 2 or 3 lengths
    • 935 Torpedo
  • Full Color Optivision Red Banner
  • Kapro branded footer
  • Sets up in minutes

Available as a special offer. Contact your Kapro sales representative for details.

Optivision Family Metal Display