Newsletter # 19

October 2014

Annabelle’s Marketing Memos

As we are now entering the final quarter of 2014, we are preparing for several of the industry’s largest trade shows around the world. Kapro has added a wide range of tools to our product line and we are looking forward to presenting these new innovations at the industry’s biggest exhibitions.

In November we will be at the 116th session of the China Import & Export Fair in Canton. You can find us at our usual location in the International Pavilion with a newly re-designed exhibit booth and all our latest offerings on display.

You can meet the staff of Kapro USA at STAFDA’s Annual Convention & Trade Show in Charlotte, North Carolina from November 9 – 11.

Once again, of course, Kapro will be at the center of the Mitex 2014 Moscow International Trade Fair. For years now Kapro has been one of the major manufacturers at the fair and this year we will be unveiling some new and innovative products that are sure to get a lot of attention.

We hope to see you at one of these locations. Be sure to speak with one of our sales managers for more information about our new products and special offers.

In this issue of Kapro’s News Updates we have included a couple of new products we are very excited about and some special offers that are sure to be of interest to our distributors who are looking ahead to the end of the year holiday season.
So, we invite you to read further and be in contact with us if you have any questions or comments.

KAPRO… Continuing to Innovate!


Annabelle Evenhaime

VP Sales & Marketing

773 Metal Stud Layout Level

Kapro’s latest innovation makes stud layout easier than ever before…

Until now stud layout required three hands – 2 for the tape measure and 1 for the stud or pencil.

Now, we have created a level that holds the stud for you.

The 773 Stud Layout Level is designed with magnetic stud slots. Just insert the stud into the slot and the 773’s strong rare-earth magnets hold it tight while you set them in place.

The slots are positioned at the standard positions of 40 and 60cm with clear layout markers printed on the level’s side.

In addition to horizontal alignment the 773 includes Kapro’s patented Plumb-Site Dual View feature that gives you the clearest and most accurate view of the vial when doing vertical layout.

The 773 has all the top quality features that you expect in Kapro levels, including:

  • 2 Epoxy locked, solid acrylic vials – 1 Plumb Site® Dual-View™ vertical vial and 1 horizontal vial
  • Accuracy: <0.0005 "/" (0.5mm/m)
  • Milled surface

Available in a  90cm (36”) model

Introducing the 730 TOPCAST®

Kapro cast levels are found in masons’ toolboxes around the world because they are reliably accurate even in the roughest worksite conditions.

Now we have added a simple, but strong, cast level to our line – the 730 Topcast® – for a great price.

The 730 Topcast® joins a product family that includes the 930 SmartCast™, 820 SuperCast™, 920 SHARK®, 935 OPTIVISION™ Red Torpedo and others to make Kapro the industry’s leading manufacturer of innovative and quality cast levels.

The 730 Topcast® is built with a tough aluminum casting that can stand up to the toughest work-site conditions. It is designed with two heavy-duty cast aluminum “anvil” strike pads for trowel blows when doing tile work. You can rely on the 730 to be straight and accurate even after good pounding.

It  features two solid acrylic vials, horizontal and vertical, with a tested accuracy of <0.0005 in/in. (0.5mm/m). The trapezoid profile has a finely milled base to sit flush on the measuring surface and a very handy drill bit diameter gauge integrated into the level’s frame.

To find out more about the new 730 Topcast® contact your Kapro Sales Manager

Introducing the ALL NEW 888 VECTOR II

Kapro’s powerfully accurate 3-beam laser now features “Tilt” and “Pulse” mode for angle marking and outdoor use.

Due to the 888 Prolaser® Vector’s rugged design and extremely accurate laser diodes it is one of Kapro’s most popular laser tools.

Now we have increased the 888 Vector’s versatility by adding “Tilt” and “Pulse” functionality.

The 888 Vector II features:

  • 3 high visibility beams:
    • 2 vertical
    • one horizontal
  • Self-leveling up to ±3.5°
  • TILT mode for marking angles and leveling slopes
  • PULSE mode for EXTENDED OUTDOOR RANGE with a detector (sold separately)
  • Audible and visible out-of-level warning
  • Integrated locking mechanism
  • Rugged impact absorbing “work-site armor”
  • Freestanding or can be mounted to a tripod (5/8” thread)

Click here to see the 888 video clip.

383 Prolaser® Kaprometer K1

The Most Powerful and Affordable Laser Distance Measurer in its Class…

The new Kaprometer K1 is a full-featured laser distance measurer that is simple to use, easy to carry and available now at an outstanding price.

Getting fast and accurate measurements for construction materials is vital. The Kaprometer K1 lets you do away with tape measures, calculators, ladders, and that extra person on the job.

The Kaprometer K1 is a time and money saver, with all the features you’ll ever need in a compact and affordable model.


985D-L Digiman® Digital Level with Laser Pointer

Available now with a custom travel bag and promotional packaging!

The 985D-L Digiman is one of our most powerful and attractive products and always a popular item for consumers looking for that “extra-special” gift idea for the holidays.

We want to remind all of our partners about the Digiman’s “stand-out” packaging.

The 985’s box is sure to grab shoppers’ attention and get noticed amongst its competitors in the aisle. It has an open view of the digital display and horizontal vial and highlights the 985’s primary features, including the all new laser pointer, on the box face. A custom travel bag is included.

Contact your Kapro Sales Manager now for details.

Available lengths:

  • 60cm (24”)
  • 120cm (48”)

Features Video – 888 Vector II