Decenber 2020

Annabelle’s Memo

Dear Partner,
The year 2020 will surely be engraved into the memories of all of us and become a turning point in the History of technological development.
The lock out of all traditional channels to buy and sell has required that we accelerate the digital transformation process of working & selling, thereby creating new methods & new rules.

During this economic storm, Kapro has enjoyed our very regular contacts via zoom and similar platforms and felt even more our family relationship when seeing in the background of the screen your kids or your pets moving around ;=).
We have the feeling more than ever that we all share the same challenges and that we are all in the same boat.

Since a screen cannot completely replace our face to face meetings, this newsletter will give you an update about our latest developments which will be followed soon after by samples so as you may feel & try our new products.

We all believe that these new products will be at the forefront of “waving the Kapro Flag” after the latest corona outbreak and we eagerly wait for your feed-backs.

We hope to see you soon.

Until then, we would like to thank you for your trust and your cooperation during this surprising year and wish you and your family an enjoyable time over the holiday period- stay safe.

Season’s Greetings

Annabelle Evenhaime

VP Sales & Marketing

Be mesmerized by this magnetic wonder!!

779T – Leios 23cm / 9cm  Magnetic Torpedo Level

Kapro’s latest torpedo level brings versatility and an abundance of features perfectly adapted for plumbing and carpentry jobs –especially in confined working conditions .

A magnified horizontal vial with gradient lines , 45˚ angled vial , wall grip feature & strong magnets on a milled base are just a few to mention .

A must for every toolbox!!!

A new precise level for tap installation

108T Tap Level

The feature is in the name on this new Kapro 30cm /12″ Level.
Custom made for tap installation with 150mm markings.
A strong profile , accurate with rubber endcaps & wall grip feature for extra stability!

At a great price!!

Twin Pocket Level

771 Twin

Kapro’s latest little 10cm/4″ pocket level packed with numerous features for a range of applications . Perfect for plumbing , carpentry & decorating . With a magnetic V- groove milled base, magnified horizontal vial with gradient lines & safety hook features – it doesn’t get much better than that!!

Perfect for the pocket!

Multibeam Orbital Laser

962G Prolaser® Multibeam Orbital Laser

Kapro’s newest IP65 Rated indoor / outdoor green beam laser is perfect for tiling, drywall & acoustic ceiling installation, as well as framing & aligning windows & doors.

A multitude of features including a horizontal orbital beam,
vertical beam, plumb dot up & down,& manual mode for angular marking.

All these features come in a shock resistant rubber molded casing.
Includes accessories in a Hard carry case.

The laser to get the job done in no time!!

Optivision Digital Level

905DG Optivision ®Digital Level 

The latest innovative Digital Level with an IP65 rating ,Kapro’s pride & joy for the ultimate professional tradesman provides an all encompassing level with a superior enlarged tilted LCD readout with an array of advanced functions .

A strong profile including high impact endcaps , strong magnets on a milled base with guaranteed accuracy.
Available in 60cm /24″ & 120cm/ 48″ & as of now also 180cm/ 72″ lengths.

Innovative Digital Level !! 

Merchandising magic!!

Mini Metal Counter Display

Kapro’s latest Counter Display is small ,compact –easy to assemble and perfect for showcasing a wide range of products!

All at the Point of Sale!!