Autumn 2017

Annabelle’s Marketing Memos

The last quarter of the year is, as usual, a very busy time with a lot of opportunities to meet our partners at many different locations.

We will be exhibiting at:

• The Canton Fair, Guangzhou, China: 15th – 19th of October (Wall 9.3 Booth: E25-27)
• Batimat, Paris, France- 6th – 10th of November
• Mitrex, Moscow, Russia- 7th – 9th of November
• Big 5 construction exhibition, Dubai: 26th – 29th of November (Stand:Z2K120, Zabeel Hall).

We are very excited about the new Kapro line of Green lasers, so in this newsletter we will introduce you to some of them and the pertinent information.

I look forward to meeting with you at any one of these meeting points and show you our newest products, especially in the laser range.

May our mutually beneficial cooperation, continue to grow and bloom.

Annabelle Evenhaime
VP Sales & Marketing

So, with no further a due…


Because Kapro is always at the cutting edge of innovation it’s no surprise that the new green laser range is so successful.

Red-beam technology has been around for some time and now green-beam technology has been growing in popularity. Green laser technology provides a cleaner more visible beam because the frequency of a green beam can be detected by the human eye 4 times better and faster than a red beam.

Also, a laser with a green diode will emit a brighter beam, visible over longer distances.
Kapro’s range of Green lasers are visibly superior, just take a gander….


A great addition to any toolbox

The most compact and versatile laser in the green series is the 872G Prolaser® Green , an added advantage to any project.

With 1 horizontal and 1 vertical green laser lines at 90⁰, intersections forward and on the ceiling; an accuracy of 0.2mm/m (0.0002″/”); an Indoor range of up to 30m/mm(100′) and outdoor range with detector of up to 60m/mm(200′), the 872G PROLASER® GREEN truly saves you time, money and effort.

The 872G also offers tilt mode for angular layout /marking, strong folding legs for angle mounting and height adjustment in manual mode. Ideal for ceiling drywall, framing, tiling, cabinets, borders, moldings and trims.

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The green genie of the toolbox

The 873G Prolaser® Vector is an effective and flexible positioning tool with 1 horizontal and 2 vertical green laser lines (at 90⁰, intersections forward & on the ceiling); tilt mode for angular layout /marking and strong folding legs for angle mounting and height adjustment in manual mode.

Efficiency and accuracy (0.2mm/m (0.0002″/”) with a laser indoor range of 30m(100′) and outdoors range –with detector- of 60m(200′) make this laser ideal for drywall, framing, tiling, carpentry, deck construction, door and window installation.

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See better, work faster.

And if you needed a laser featuring the newest developments in laser technology coupled with all the added value and superior specs you have come to expect, KAPRO brings you the 883G PROLASER®3D ALL LINES.

The 360⁰ green beams (horizontal, side vertical and forward vertical) allow for a complete mapping of any project with an accuracy of 0.2mm/m (0.0002″/”) and the manual mode for tilted marking is a great advantage on any project. The maximum indoor/outdoor laser range (indoor range with green goggles 20m/65′, outdoor range with detector 70m/230’).

With an automatic self-leveling mechanism and a directional magnetic wall mounting bracket it’s the perfect tool for flooring layout, drywall installation, deck construction, hanging acoustic ceilings and so much more…

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Lasers are more prevalent on job sites because they are more precise, save time and manpower, translating to monetary savings for any contractor or professional. Kapro decided to offer the best of the laser category with green diodes for just these reasons.

For additional information on Kapro’s Green laser line, including after sales service, please contact our sales team