Main characteristics

946 Smarty 10cm (4″)

Magnetic Cast aluminium level 
  • 1 OPTIVISION® Red Horizontal vial
  • Large base with Rare-earth magnets
  • Accuracy: < 0.5mm/m (0.0005 “/”)
  • Milled surface
  • Durable cast aluminum body
  • Shockproof rubber side grips
  • Belt clip
  • Carpentry
  • Construction
  • Cabinet installation

Optivision® Red:

  • Creates highly visible red bubble edges for exact placement between the reading lines and optimal vision in bright and low light
  • High contrast ratio between the bubble and vial liquid for faster leveling and more precise results
  • Tilted angle of the vial for a direct line of sight
  • UV resistant, no chemical additives that fade overtime, the vial will always maintain its original color contrast and visibility
  • Reading lines painted inside the vial for guaranteed precision