Technical Data

  • Type
  • Beam Color
  • Accuracy
    Square: 0.00045 in/in (0.45 mm/m) | Level dots: 0.3mm/m (0.0003 in/in) | Plumb dots: 0.3mm/m (0.0003 in/in)
  • Self-leveling
  • Range w/o Detector
    Up to 20 m (65 ft)
  • Range with Detector
    50 m (165 ft)
  • Standard
  • Includes
    Magnetic multifunctional base | Laser target | Soft carrying case | 2AA batteries | "VELCRO" strip
  • \\Description

    Kapro 896G PROLASER® 5-DOT – Self-leveling laser pointer with professional precision. The Kapro 896G PROLASER® 5-DOT features three dots at 90°, along with plumb up and down. It reaches a self-leveling range of ±3° and precision accuracy of 0.3 mm/m (0.0003 in/in).

    The Kapro 896G PROLASER® 5-DOT reaches a laser range of 20 m (65 ft) without a detector, and up to 50 m (165 ft) with a detector. Its resilient rubber overlay protects the laser from bumps jilts on the jobsite. The Kapro 896G PROLASER® 5-DOT includes a magnetic multifunctional base, laser target, soft carrying case, two AA batteries, and a hook and loop strap for easy transport.

    The Kapro 896G PROLASER® 5-DOT Level is available in a red beam version (896 PROLASER® 5-DOT Level).



    1/4″ & 5/8″ Thread

    For easy tripod mounting.

    Magnetic Mount

    For easy attachment to metallic surfaces.