Main features:

872GS PROLASER® PLUS Green with Tripod Set

The Free Standing Cross-Laser


  • Intersecting horizontal and vertical lines at 90°
  • Indoor laser range 30m (100′)
  • Outdoor laser range 60m (200′) with detector
  • Accuracy: 0.2mm/m (0.0002″/”)
  • Self-leveling range: ±3°
  • Manual mode for angular layout & marking
  • Visual and audible “out of level” warning
  • Strong folding legs for angle mounting and height adjustment
  • Shock resistant rubber casing
  • 1/4″ tripod adaptor


  • 1.3 meter
  • Sturdy tripod with 1/4″ thread
  • 3 section extendable legs with secure positioning locks
  • Strong handle for vertical rotation
  • Adjustable mounting base with vial for horizontal rotation and leveling


  • Soft pouch for laser
  • Soft bag for tripod

Fields of application

  • Aligning tiles, cabinets, borders, moldings and trims
  • Deck installation and exterior layout
  • Door and window installation
  • All types of DIY jobs, including hanging shelves, pictures and more


  • 3 AA batteries (Included)
  • Laser class II
  • Conforms to CE, RoHS and  FDA safety regulations


Product Sheet