Newsletter # 23

April 2016

Annabelle’s Marketing Memos

The Spring is here and we have just returned from the International Hardware Fair in Cologne. We really enjoyed seeing all of our partners and friends at this event and appreciated the opportunity to meet so many new potential partners for the future.

We unveiled a host of new products including the all-new 950 Swivel Plumb Site. These unique and innovative tools were met with very positive feedback and we are confident that they will become some of our best sellers in the future.

Now we are preparing our booth for the 119th session of the Canton Import & Export Fair in Guangzhou, China. We always look forward to the Canton Fair as it gives us the opportunity to present our line together with our subsidiary Kapro China.

From there we are headed to Las Vegas to present at the National Hardware Show from May 4-6.

If we didn’t get a chance to see you in Cologne make sure you stop by our booth in Canton or Las Vegas if you are in attendance. Meeting our partners when we are on the road is the most enjoyable part of the exhibitions.

In this article of our newsletter we are focusing on products that received a great reception in Cologne and in the marketplace generally where they have been recently released, including the 770 Exodus and the 773 Drywall Level.

The new 872 Prolaser® Plus has quickly become one of our most popular laser tools. In addition, we have added a premium model of the 872 with green laser lines – the brightest lasers available.

I invite you to read more about these products below and I hope to see you at one of the upcoming events.

Kapro – Continuing to Work & Continuing to Innovate!

Kapro Goes Green… The New 872 Prolaser® Plus

Versatile Design – Now with the Brightest Beams Available!

Kapro is offering the new 872 Prolaser® Plus with an advanced model which features brighter, more visible green laser lines! The free standing 872 is a cross laser that projects 2 powerful green laser lines – horizontal and vertical – at a perfect 90° angle. The green color of the beams are the brightest and most visible available, letting you clearly see the layout lines in almost any conditions.  With a working indoor range of up to a 100’ (30 m) and an outdoor range of 165’ (50 m) with a detector with a reliable accuracy of 0.0002”/” (0.2mm/m) you can use the 872 anywhere.

The 872’s strong adjustable mounting legs let you position the laser lines at any angle while the laser unit itself remains firmly free-standing.

Speak to your Kapro Sales Manager for information about the new advanced model 872 Prolaser® Plus.

The most versatile – and now the most visible – laser available.

770 Exodus

Kapro’s innovative level that gives you 3 tools in 1!

Level, measure and mark at the same time with Kapro’s 770 Exodus. The perfect tool for a wide range of specialty applications like carpentry, finishing and decoration design, letting you focus on the job and not on reaching for tools.

The 770 has a strong professional box level with 3 solid acrylic shockproof vials with Kapro’s guaranteed accuracy of 0.5 mm/m (0.0005″/”) – horizontal with gradient lines up to 2%, vertical and a 45° angle vial. It has a finely milled surface and shock absorbing rubber end-caps and an integrated straight ruler along its profile. This smart feature lets you measure, level and mark at the same time.

The 770 Exodus is another innovative design for specialized jobs.

Kapro continues to make your work easier and more accurate.

773 Drywall Level 90cm

Kapro’s makes stud layout easier than ever before…

Until now stud layout required three hands – 2 for the tape measure and 1 for the stud or pencil. Now, we have created a level that holds the stud for you.

The 773 Drywall Level is designed with magnetic stud slots. Just insert the stud into the slot and the 773’s strong Rare-Earth magnets hold it tight while you set them in place.

The slots are positioned at the standard positions of 40 and 60cm with clear layout markers printed on the level’s side. This hands free working design lets you easily and safely anchor the studs at the top and bottom while ensuring the correct placement.

Kapro…  Making work easier through innovation!

Customer Feedback from the New 872 Prolaser® Plus

Kapro recently introduced the 872 Prolaser® Plus to its broadening laser range. This innovative and versatile laser has been very well received and has quickly become one of our best-selling laser products.

We recently spoke with Tal, a Sales manager at Hashahal our Kapro distributor in Israel. He shared with us his experience with the 872’s market performance.

Kapro – How has the customer response been to the new 872 Prolaser® Plus?

Hashahal – The 872 has surpassed our expectations in terms of sales and customer satisfaction. We have not seen a product take off like this in our market for quite some time. We know that many of our customers have looked forward to seeing Kapro’s new laser line and the 872’s innovative design is just what they expected from Kapro.

Kapro – What features and advantages of the 872 do you think your customers find most useful?

Hashahal – The unique mounting legs and tilt feature are a big hit. This makes the 872 very easy to set up, keeps it sturdy on the placement area and versatile for all types of leveling and slope layouts.
The 872 and tripod set is also very popular and we have received quite a bit of positive feedback for this item.

Kapro – Finally, what do you think makes the 872 stand out from its competitors in the stores you supply?

Hashahal – Certainly, the quality & features in relation to the price makes the 872 the stand out front. In Israel we have all of the international brands – Bosch, Stanley, Stabila, etc. – and the 872 is by far the best value for the money on the cross laser market.  It is tough, professional product that is easy to use and a terrific value. There is no mystery why we are seeing it doing so well really.

If you haven’t ordered the 872 Prolaser® Plus be sure to speak with your Kapro Sales Manager for more information.

Kapro… Working Smarter!