Newsletter # 21

October 2015

Annabelle’s Marketing Memos

Here at Kapro we have been rounding out the year by working hard to prepare for the upcoming trade exhibitions.

As always, we will have our full Kapro exhibit at the 118th session of the China Import and Export Fair in October. For years now we have looked forward to the bi-annual event in Canton and the opportunity it affords us to see our partners and meet new customers from around the world.

After Canton, Kapro China will be presenting at the 5th International Hardware & Tools Expo Tokyo -Tool Japan 2015 – on October 14-16 and then back to China for the International Hardware Show in Shanghai on October 21-23.

From there we are off to Paris for the Batimat Exhibition from November 2 – 6 and then on to Phoenix Arizona for STAFDA’s 39th Annual Convention &Trade show.

Don’t miss Kapro at one of these shows!

This year is especially exciting for us as we have many new products to present. The latest additions to our product line are innovative and versatile as you have come to expect from Kapro and of course are designed to be tough, accurate and designed with unique features that provide added value to our customers.
Kapro specializes in making tools that can be used across professions and applications.

In this issue of our newsletter, however, we are going to focus on smart and innovative tools that we have designed for drywall, plumbing, electrical and carpentry work in order to perform repetitive, precision and multiple-step tasks quickly and accurately. In addition, we are now offering our all new 872 Prolaser Plus and Tripod set. This powerful, unique and versatile laser tool is designed for all applications and a wide range of specialty work.

Kapro’s design team have invested a great deal of research and development time to create tools that have our customers working faster and more accurately by making 2-person jobs into 1 person jobs, faster and more intuitive operation of our intelligent laser products, special tool set offers that give a specialist just what they need and more.
So I invite you to read on to see a few of our latest products and see how we are working harder so Kapro’s customers can work easier.

Finally, we hope to see you at one of the upcoming exhibitions. Be sure to be in contact with your Kapro Sales Manager if you have any questions or enquiries.

Kapro… Continuing to Innovate!

Exhibition Details:

“118th Session of China Import & Export Fair”

Guangzhou (Canton) 15th – 19th October 2015

Kapro Booth details:

International Pavilion – Hall 9.3

Booths: B25-27, C20-22

“5th International Hardware & Tools Expo Tokyo” (TOOL JAPAN)

Tokyo 14th – 16th October 2015

Venue: Makuhari Messe, Japan

Kapro Booth details:


“China International Hardware Show”

Shanghai 21st -23rd October 2015

Kapro Booth details:

8.2 E-043

Batimat, Paris

Paris 2nd – 6th November 2015

Kapro Booth details:

Hall 8, Booth: E138

“STAFDA’s 39th Annual Convention and Trade Show”

Phoenix, Arizona 8th – 10th November

Booth: #1450

Kapro Specialist: Plumbing Installation Level

108 Plumbing Installation Level

We are excited to announce the release of our 108 Plumbing Installation Box Level. This level is built on Kapro’s rugged and patented box level design which includes 2 epoxy locked solid acrylic vials -one Plumb Site® Dual-View™ vertical vial and one horizontal vial with gradient lines up to 2%, shock absorbing end caps and our Wall Grip feature for easy and safe use on vertical surfaces.

However, what makes this tool truly specialized for plumbing work is the integrated markers in the level’s profile. These markers are positioned at the standard plumbing installation points so you can measure, position and level at the same time.

The markers are set at:

  • 280mm for sink attachment to wall
  • 150mm for faucet placement
  • 75mm for water pipes below the sink

The 108  has Kapro’s tested vial accuracy of 0.0005″/” (0.5mm/m) and is guaranteed for life.

The 108 Plumbing Installation Box Level is a unique tool that gives added value and increased accuracy for the plumbing specialist.

Kapro Specialist: Drywall Installation & Stud Layout Level

Kapro has applied the same multi-task concept to design an innovative box level built for the drywall installation specialist.

The 773 Stud Layout Level makes stud layout and installation significantly easier by magnetically holding metal studs in position. This innovative design removes the need for a tape measure and insures that your studs are aligned perfectly from top to bottom.

The 773 has a strong aluminum box level profile with stud slots and markers at 40 or 41.7cm and 60 or 62cm depending on the country standard stud layout. The slots are equipped with rare-earth magnets in the stud seat to firmly hold metal studs in place while you set them into position. This hands free working design lets you easily and safely anchor the studs at the top and bottom while ensuring their correct placement.

    Additionally, the markings on the side of the level help you to easily locate studs behind drywall panels.

    The 773 has 2 epoxy locked, solid acrylic vials, including 1 Plumb Site® Dual-View™ vertical vial and 1 horizontal vial, a milled surface for maximum accuracy against the leveling surface and shockproof end caps to protect the level’s integrity form bumps and falls on the worksite.

    Of course, the 773 Stud Layout Level come with Kapro’s tested vial accuracy of 0.0005″/” (0.5mm/m) and they are guaranteed for life.

    Kapro’s design team is continuing to innovate with unique and specialized tools for our customers to make their job easier, faster and more accurate.

    The Perfect Electrician’s Assistant

    783 Electrician’s Level – Perfect Power Sockets

    Kapro offers the most practical electrician’s level on the market today.

    The 783 is a heavy duty box level with a tough aluminum profile and 2 solid acrylic vials – horizontal and vertical and shock absorbing end caps to protect the level’s integrity.

    Kapro’s team has innovatively designed the 783 with four large, rubberized markers along the top of the level’s profile. The markers’ unique V-shape allows for easy marking along the wall using any size marking utensil including, pencil, marker or chalk. You don’t need to strain to put a one size pencil into a small hole like other marking levels. The markers are accurately set at the standard socket installation points of 71mm from the center of the socket to the next center of the socket. Just line up the 783 along the line you want and mark for perfect socket placement.

    The 783 Electrician’s level comes in an easy-to-carry 43cm model and a 120cm model for all standard measurement layouts.

    The 120cm model has measurement markers along its profile for every standard outlet installation, including:

    • 30cm – Electrical socket from the floor
    • 105cm – Electrical switch from the floor
    • 115cm – Countertop socket from floor
    • 71mm – Electrical socket spacing
    • 91mm – phone/communications socket spacing from electrical outlets

    The 783’s vials are tested to an accuracy of 0.0005in/in (0.5mm/m) and are guaranteed FOR LIFE.

    The 783 Electrician’s level is a unique and innovative design which makes it the easiest way to quickly and accurately line up electrical sockets.

    The 770 Exodus – 3 Tools in 1

    Kapro introduces an all-new level with a special added feature.

    The 770 Exodus lets you level, measure and mark – tasks that usually require a tape measure, level and ruler – with one easy to use tool. It is ideal for specialty applications like carpentry, finishing and decoration design, letting you focus on the job and not on reaching for tools.

    The 770  is a strong professional box level with 3 solid acrylic shockproof vials with Kapro’s guaranteed accuracy of 0.5 mm/m (0.0005″/”) – horizontal with gradient lines up to 2%, vertical and a 45° angle vial. It has a finely milled surface and shock absorbing rubber end-caps and an integrated straight ruler along its profile. This smart feature lets you measure, level and mark at the same time.

    The 770 Exodus is another innovative design for specialized jobs – making your work easier and more accurate.

    Introducing the 872 Prolaser® Plus & Tripod Set

    Earlier this year we introduced the all-new 872 Prolaser® Plus. This rugged and versatile laser tool has been very well received in the professional market and is sure to become one of Kapro’s top-selling laser products.

    The 872’s unique design makes it an ideal tool for specialized applications, including drywall installation, electrical socket layout, acoustic ceilings, tile design and layout, stair construction, framing and windows and outdoor jobs with its powerful pulse mode for extended range use with a detector.

    Unlike other cross lasers in its class, the 872 has strong adjustable mounting legs that let you position the laser lines at any angle while the laser unit itself remains firmly free-standing.

    Now we are offering the 872 Prolaser® Plus together with Kapro’s custom tripod. This is a great combination for indoor and outdoor applications that need angular layout lines at varying heights.

    The 872 easily mounts to the tripod’s threaded base plate.

    The tripods extendable legs provide a steady and secure mounting position that is easily adjustable.

    You can use the 872 in Pulse Mode with a laser detector for an extended range. Large room layouts are fast and easy and the mounted laser position insures a consistent point of reference throughout the room.

    The 872 & tripod set is truly a powerful and versatile laser tool for a wide variety of interior and exterior applications.

    For information about the new 872 Prolaser® Plus and Tripod Set contact your Kapro sales manager.

    Another innovative solution for specialized work – by Kapro