Kapro measuring tools ensure you get the job done better and faster without relinquishing precision. Here you will find all the information you need to know to choose the best tool for your trade or project; what to look for and why.

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Our Prolaser® products conform to international classifications.lasers-2

  • Class II: The laser beam has a rated output less than 1mW.
  • Class IIIa: The laser beam has a rated output less than 5mW. This class of laser products may not be sold in many countries. It is often found only in line beam products, not in dot beam products.
  • 650nm: This is the wavelength of the light emitted from the laser diode.
  • 635nm: Because the human eye is more sensitive to light at this wavelength, the beam emitted from a 635nm diode is seen as “stronger” than that of a 650nm diode.

Combination squares are classic woodworking and metalworking tools that let you mark and check 45° as well as 90°.

They incorporate an adjustable blade that can be locked into position, either with a traditional screw lock or an advanced magnetic locking system (a Kapro original innovation). This also allows the user to determine relative depth or distance.

The vials and vial housings in our highest quality professional aluminum levels are fixed within the spirit level frame with epoxy glue.

This ensures that there will be no lateral or rotational movement of the vial within the body and they will maintain their factory calibrated accuracy for the life of the level – through even the most extreme temperature changes and harsh treatment on building sites.

All Kapro’s laser tools carry FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and CE approval. CE approval guarantees that the product has been reviewed by the EC regulatory authorities, and has been found safe to use, and compliant with the relevant quality requirements based on the standards adopted by the European market.

Basic chalk lines have a simple rewind mechanism that retracts the line at the same speed as the handle turns. A geared chalk line increases the ratio of handle rotations to rewind speed. Kapro’s 214 chalk line incorporates this feature, rewinding six (6) times faster than a basic chalk line.

The length of a spirit level is measured from the extreme end of one end cap to the other. Spirit levels of varying lengths are used by professional tradespeople depending on the job at hand. As a general rule, a professional will try to use the longest level practical to ensure accurate leveling of the entire surface or piece to be leveled.

The level sensitivity is the relationship between the tilt angle of the spirit level and the bubble movement within the vial. In good quality spirit levels, the sensitivity is determined only by the radius of the inner surface of the level vial. The greater the radius, the greater the sensitivity.

Commonly used units of sensitivity are arc mins, arc minutes, or simply minutes (1 minute = 1/60 of one degree). The sensitivity of a level is stated as 34 arc mins when a tilt angle of 34 minutes (34/60°) is required to cause a 0.78″ (2 mm) linear movement of the bubble in the vial. In the United States, a linear constant of 1/10″ (2.54mm) is used to measure sensitivity.

Magnetic levels are widely used in metal construction work and plumbing applications. The magnets allow the user to perform the job without holding the level, enabling the use of both hands freely, for example holding a ladder when standing on high spots.

The magnetic power is designed to hold the level safely in any position and at all angles.

Kapro offers optional rare-earth magnets on all its aluminum levels.

Strip magnets are featured on lightweight toolbox levels and post levels.

All our electronic and electric tools comply with RoHS (the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances) and WEEE (EC restrictions of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment) regulations.

Manual laser tools are leveled in the same way as spirit levels – by sight, using a vial. Self-leveling laser tools will level themselves on slopes of up to 3°-5°, depending on the product. The laser component hangs like a pendulum, and a beam is projected through a lens or prism. Gravity does the rest. If Kapro’s self-leveling laser levels are out of calibration, they will flash or beep, and a simple locking mechanism keeps the pendulum in place for protection when not in use.

The accuracy of a spirit level indicates the precision and maximum allowed deviation of the level. The stated level accuracy is a function of the straightness of the level frame, the quality and sensitivity of the vial, and the accuracy of the calibration process during the fixing of the vial to the frame.

The accuracy of a level, usually given in mm/m and in/in, indicates the maximum deviation of the measured slope from horizontal (or vertical), which is indicated by a perfectly centralized bubble.

Kapro’s shockproof vials are individually machined with reading lines marked inside the vial . The lines in our vials are the most parallel in the industry – critical to accurate leveling. And bubble size remains within a tight tolerance in any working temperature: that means the bubbles in our vials are always the right size for clear reading and maximized accuracy.

At the heart of all spirit levels. The vial is the clear vessel containing the vial liquid, bubble, and marking lines. Kapro levels incorporate three kinds of acrylic vials: solid acrylic block, solid acrylic block enlarged view and cylindrical. The solid acrylic vials, used in all box section and cast aluminum levels, are individually machined from blocks of solid, high-grade optical acrylic, and guaranteed for life against leakage or breakage.

Kapro’s professional aluminum levels are certified as conforming to their stated accuracies by the German VPA Laboratory. This independent testing laboratory is part of the EUROLAB organization, and conforms to the rigorous specifications of the German GS standard. VPA certification provides official international verification of our products’ high quality.

Kapro is the only level manufacturer in the world whose spirit levels are authorized by the VPA.

VPA Certification 2018

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