Kapro’s innovative hand tool designs have changed the face of the modern layout and measuring tools industry.

Patent-protected or design protected features on aluminum levels, construction and carpentry tools include the Plumb Site® Dual-View™ vial, OPTIVISION® Red vial, the 773 Stud Layout Level and the Swivel Plumbsite®.

Through a process of Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT), Kapro’s innovation team consistently produces the groundbreaking designs that have built us a reputation as the innovation leader.

If it’s a Kapro spirit level, laser level, or layout, marking and measuring tool, you can be sure it will be easy to use, extremely accurate and rugged enough to last in the tough conditions of the workplace.

Innovative Products & Features

Plumb Site® Dual-View™ Vial

Our Plumb Site® vial viewer allows the user to read the plumb vial in the traditional way – the side-view – as well as from a front-view position.

The Plumb Site® Advantages

  • Completely eliminates parallax error
  • Improves the accuracy reading of the level because the vial can be viewed from the front
  • Provides continuous line of sight from the reflected image through the top of the vial for a greatly enhanced field of vertical vision
  • Eliminates neck and back strain since there’s no need to view the plumb vial from the side of the level
  • Increases efficiency and saves time (up to 30% on large vertical alignment jobs)


A New Level of Visibility. OPTIVISION® is a Kapro invention that creates the effect of strong color definition around the spirit level’s horizontal bubble, in stark contrast to the white vial background and clear liquid. The color contrast makes the bubble edges significantly easier to see, for fast and accurate placement between the vial’s reading lines.

The OPTIVISION® Advantages:

  • Highly visible red bubble edge
  • Fast placement between reading lines
  • Easy viewing with tilted vial
  • Precise leveling results
  • No fading issues

Zeus™ 990 Box Section Level

Kapro’s new high-end professional box section level is unrivalled for strength, endurance, and patented features. It’s designed specifically for professional contractors who are looking for extreme toughness and durability.

The Zeus™ 990 Advantages

  • Computer Optimized Profile retains its original tensile strength (the maximum stress a material can withstand) better than any level on the market.
  • Two Plumb Site® Dual-View™ vials with the unique dual view of the vertical vial.
  • Magnified horizontal solid acrylic vial for better readability.
  • Zeus™ 990 VISION model includes illuminated horizontal vial for work in low-light environments.
  • Polypropylene and TPR end caps with “Air-cushioned” PVC shock absorbers- for superior impact absorption.
  • Ergonomic “Air-cushioned” handles with patented Ergo Grip™ non-slip feature. Soft-touch feel, and a big aperture that’s comfortable for larger hands.
  • Pure polyester electrostatic powder coated, incorporating Keflon™ anti-stick coating – creates a residue resistant finish for easy maintenance.

Postrite® Post Level

Level any post, pole, or sign vertically and horizontally at the same time.

The Postrite® Advantages

  • Hinged “arms” fold flat for easy storage and vial protection
  • Arms spread out 180° for use as a conventional level
  • Click-locks every 15°, for different size posts
  • Magnetic strips for attaching to metal, and heavy-duty elastic strap for wooden decking or posts
  • Polymer body is durable, lightweight, and scratchproof

Set & Match® Ruler with Sliding Bubble Vials

The Set & Match® is the perfect leveling and measuring device. It combines a level with moveable vials and a ruler, eliminating the need for a separate ruler or tape measure.

The Set & Match® Advantages

  • Vials mounted on sliding “clamps” allow for simultaneous measuring and aligning
  • Measures distances between two points (shelves, cabinets) much more efficiently and accurately
  • The Set & Match® can be outfitted with a choice of accessories (handle, sliding knife guide, T-Square or laser line with stud finder) just by by sliding and locking them in place.

Topgrade™ Spirit Level with Multiple Vials

This level’s multiple vials help set and level completely accurate slopes of 0%, 0.5%, 1%, 1.5% and 2% (48″/120cm model). Each solid acrylic vial is calibrated to a different gradient for fast, easy, foolproof leveling. To use, just place the level on the surface and look for the vial that has required pitch or slope.

Magnetic Lock Combination Square

No more screws to lock – Kapro’s Combination Square features magnetic lock adjustment.

Magnetic Lock Combination Square Advantages:

  • Locks magnetically, instead of with traditional screws, so it holds strong, slides easily – and reassembles without effort
  • Stainless steel blade, with permanently etched ruler markings in inches and centimeters
  • Stainless steel scribe is magnet-held with Easy Grip™- simple to remove and replace
  • 5 milled sides for superior accuracy
  • Heavy-duty cast zinc body

The Ledgend™ Try & Mitre Square

The only carpenter’s square with an ergonomic handle that doubles as a support ledge, to keep it sitting square on the work surface.

The Ledgend™ Advantages

  • Unique “hands-free” support ledge, so it won’t slip or fall while you’re working
  • Certified 90° angle
  • High impact polymer handle is molded onto the blade and welded with Accu-Fix™ bonding technology, so it’s durable, stays accurate – and feels good to hold
  • Hardened, tempered steel ruler comes with chemically etched angles
  • Integrated marking point on handle with a pencil-notch for use as a reference point
  • Additional 22.5°, 45°, and 67.5° angles for framing and beveling
  • All materials are non-corrosive and scratch-proof