Main features

108 Plumbing Installation Level 70cm (27.5″)


  • 2 Epoxy locked solid acrylic vials:

-Vertical vial with Plumb Site® Dual-View™

-Horizontal vial with gradient lines up to 2%

  • 5 Markers designed into the level’s profile at standard sink installation points:

– 280mm for sink attachment to wall

-150mm for faucet placement

-75mm for water pipes below the sink

  • Accuracy : 0.5mm/m (0.0005″/”)
  • Shock absorbing rubber end caps
  • Wall grip feature keeps the level in place on vertical surfaces
  • Reinforced aluminum box profile


Magnetic model: 108M


  • Plumbing Installation


Length:  70cm (27″)

Weight: 454g