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I agree that I am authorized to make my submission and that I am not breaching any confidentiality or other obligation that I may have to others.

I agree that Kapro is free to decide whether it is interested in my submission and that I have no right to challenge such decision.

I agree that Kapro has no obligation to report its decision or the reason for the decision to me. I agree that Kapro has no obligation to provide me with any information concerning its activities in the area of my submission. I acknowledge that Kapro receives many ideas which are not new, ideas that have been developed and considered before and ideas which duplicate or are similar to those in the process of development by Kapro, and I agree I have no rights to any such ideas.

I waive all claims of any nature arising out of my submission concerning the development of a new product or invention, or adaptation or improvement to a Kapro product, with the exception of any rights under a valid Patent and/or other Intellectual Property right.